Animals and Energy

Pets, animals, and plants all have universal live energy and, hence, can be rebalanced and revitalized with Reiki.  What kind of critter can receive Reiki?  Reiki can be used with any animal, reptile, fish, mammal, or bird.  Plants, too,  and people (all shapes, sizes, age, and health).

Reiki is a form of natural energy healing.  It can be performed in-person or through absent healing.  Healing with regard to Energy Healing refers to the balancing of energy within the body to allow it to better heal itself.  Energy healing has been practiced for thousands of years in many countries around the world.  Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing and the word means “life force energy”.  This refers to the life-energy coursing through all living things.

Reiki works on the premise that the body knows what it needs and can direct healing energy to the specific area.  Reiki is not a cure but rather supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Reiki is non-invasive and compliments all treatments and medications.  Reiki is not intended to replace other medical treatment or consultation.

Animals respond well to Reiki and it can be used for all types of illness, injury, or emotional problem.  Using Reiki for animals can ease pain, accelerate the healing process (especially after surgery), energize and revitalize older animals, or calm and sooth stressed or high-strung animals.  For dying animals, Reiki is a powerful and yet gentle way to provide comfort and relief from pain, fear, and anxiety.  It helps to ease the transition to death (I recently noticed a drastic change in our old dog as I used Reiki on him while he was passing).  Reiki addresses the animal as a whole being rather than a symptom.

Reiki can help with behavior problems by balancing the animal’s overall energy flow and reducing overall stress.  This, in turn, helps the animal relax and better process its environment.  It can be especially beneficial for animals showing signs of prior abuse.

Most animals typically experience a calming feeling during a Reiki session.  Many pets and animals become accustomed to regular treatments and will come and “ask” for it by jumping up on my lap or positioning their head under my hand.  We don’t know exactly what the animals experience during a Reiki session, but they are able to better let go and relax.  Most animals readily accept Reiki and will often position themselves so the hands are placed on the area needing attention.

Session Costs

As most animals are more comfortable in their own environment, I prefer to come to your home, kennel, or barn for treatment sessions.  Sessions for animals are not typically as long as those for people and require only 20 to 30 minutes.  Animals generally realize something special is occurring and readily take in the energy.

  • 30 Minute Session   $50    (plus 30 cents per mile if more than 25 miles)
  • Second, third, fourth animal (or more)   $40 each and no mileage charge


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