Animals have feelings, too !!

Just as life’s events create stress in our lives, our animal friends can also suffer from a build up of physical and emotional tensions. This makes our pets more susceptible to injuries and illness no matter how well we care for them.

Humans – and animals – are electromagnetic as well as organic. We all have an electrical system within and surrounding our bodies. When there are no breaks in these electrical circuits, we experience health and balance. But when the circuits in our electrical system are stressed, they may overload or short-circuit.  We may experience symptoms such as headaches, illnesses, attention deficit, difficulty with change; we may feel dissatisfied with life, out of sorts, or out of body.

Anyone who has ever had a pet can tell you what they look like and how they act.  The personalities of animals are as diverse as humans. They learn, feel and respond in individual ways to the world they live in. Happy and contented animals enjoy life and have fewer health problems. But because animals are individuals they also suffer from negative feelings, such as fear and loneliness and these emotions can impact on their behavior and overall well-being.

Flower Essences, Reiki, and other energy clearing/balancing techniques are a safe and gentle ways to help your companions in times of stress or with behavioral issues. Animals generally respond faster and stronger to these natural therapies than humans. The therapies can be beneficial in helping our friends be more at ease in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations.

These therapies treat the whole animal and are used to support the healing of specific symptoms. They are not a substitute for medical care. Consult a qualified health-care professional for all medical problems. Flower essences and energy healing techniques compliment and support other healing methods.