Pets, animals, and plants all have universal life energy and can experience a new sense of balanced and revitalization through the use of energy therapies (Reiki, Emotion Code, Chakra Balancing, etc).  What kind of critter can benefit from energy sessions?  Healing energy can benefit any animal, reptile, fish, mammal, or bird (all shapes, sizes, age, and health).

The energy therapies I work with can be performed in-person or through remote (distance) healing (if you’re not familiar with how remote sessions work, please see the video on this page).  Healing, with regard to Energy Healing, refers to the balancing of energy within the body to allow it to better heal itself.  Energy healing has been practiced for thousands of years in many countries around the world and works on the premise that the body knows what it needs and can direct healing energy to the specific area.  Energy healing or therapy does not cure, but rather supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Energy therapies are non-invasive and compliment all treatments and medications.  Energy therapies are not intended to replace other medical treatment or veterinary consultation.

Animals respond well to energy therapies and it can be used for all types of illness, injury, or emotional problem.  Using Reiki for animals can ease pain, accelerate the healing process (especially after surgery), energize and revitalize older animals, or calm and soothe stressed or high-strung animals.  For dying animals, energy therapies are a powerful, and yet gentle, way to provide comfort and relief from pain, fear, and anxiety.  It helps to ease the transition to death. Energy therapy addresses the animal as a whole being rather than a symptom.

Energy therapy (especially Emotion Code) can help with behavior problems by balancing the animal’s overall energy flow and reducing overall stress.  This, in turn, helps the animal relax and better process its environment.  It can be especially beneficial for animals showing signs of prior abuse.  An Integrated Healing Session combines Reiki with Emotion Code and Chakra Balancing which allows an overall, full-body energy tune up.

My Experience With Animals

I was raised on a farm in the Midwest and literally grew up with horses, dogs, and cats.  I’ve also been involved in the raising of cattle, hogs, rabbits, and poultry.  At the moment we have a dog, but have also had birds, turtles, and fish and I’ve also been around snakes and lizards.  I love animals and believe they each have a distinct purpose.  Each is unique and quite individual.  No two dogs are the same – even the same breed.  The same is true of horses, cats, turtles, etc, etc.

Session Information

As with many of my other services, sessions with animals can take place remotely.  If you are in the Ocala, Florida area and would I prefer to come to your home, kennel, or barn for treatment sessions … please call me (352-209-0303).  Session costs for animals are the same as for people and are also customized for the unique needs of each animal.  To schedule a session for your pet or animal, please head over to the Work With Me page.

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