Detox Foot Bath

The dramatic increase of auto-immune disease, allergies, and common infections coincides with the increased number of chemicals which have been introduced over the last 50 years.   Of the tens of thousands of chemicals in use today, many are known to be toxic and little is understood about their combined effects.  Body fat contains residue of hundreds of chemicals including mercury, cadmium, and lead (which blocks red blood cell formation).  Our immune systems are weakened by the presence of metal and chemical toxins.  This increases our vulnerability to viruses, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections.  Our kidneys, liver, and intestines are being overloaded as they attempt to detoxify our body of these substances.

Before session

This excess of synthetic chemicals combined with a typical Western diet that is acidic and de-vitalized has led to blocked and dysfunctional elimination channels.  A detoxification routine is more important than ever to relieve the strain placed on the kidneys and liver.  The ionic foot bath relieves these stressors and helps the body re-balance its energy fields with allows the organs to function better.

Mild symptoms of toxicity Severe symptoms of toxicity
         Headaches          High blood pressure
         Lethargy          Arthritis
         Obesity          Diabetes
         Constipation          Heart problems
         Bad breath          Kidney failure
         Anxiety          Cancer
         Poor skin
         Digestive disorders
         Poor circulation

after session

An ionic detoxification device creates a bio-charge which is safe and compatible with living organisms.  An ionic foot bath detox uses negatively charged ions to remove foreign materials like chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, and other things from the body. The ionic foot bath combines water, sea salt, and a very small (and non-harmful) electrical current to split the water particles in the bath, turning them into the negatively charged ions that are then absorbed by the body to promote healing on a cellular level.  As the human body is mostly water (up to 80%), it is the active substance in foot bath detox.

Toxic buildup of chemicals accelerates aging and the incidence of disease.  Reversing this accumulation through detoxification benefits the whole body and allows it to rebalance.  Ionic foot bath helps your body re-balance its bio-energy field which stimulates the body’s detoxification.  This naturally allows your body’s organs to function better which, in turn, improves your health and helps you feel invigorated and rejuvenated.

foot bath color chart

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