Welcome to Animal Massage and Holistic Health.  Animal massage is a mid-life career change for me.  Rather than being the result of a mid-life crisis, it is the answer to a mid-life search for a life of more meaning and purpose.  This new venture merges a life-long love of animals, a deepening awareness of a holistic approach to wellness, and massage therapy coursework.

For several years, I’ve been contemplating a line from What a Feeling, the theme song from the movie Flashdance.  The line says, “Take your passion and make it happen”.   A “passion career” is more than a job.  It breathes life into you every day and never becomes old.  The idea of finding my ideal career – one that would be energizing, inspiring, and exciting – became a priority.  I am deeply committed to helping people and there were several times when I thought I had found my career path only to have circumstances, and the path, change.  Then, through a series of events orchestrated by God, I discovered animal massage and knew almost immediately that I had found a “passion career”.  As I looked back over almost 50 years’ worth of learning experiences, I saw how it all was working together to put me in this place.

I am very excited about this new adventure, and I’m looking forward helping people discover how to enhance the lives of the animals around them.  Referring back to the song from Flashdance, this has been a “slow growing dream” hidden in my mind for a long time.  I’m thrilled to be opening up new educational opportunities for myself as well and look forward to sharing what I learn here with you.