Flower Essences are non-aromatic and are the unique vibrational/electromagnetic pattern of a plant held in water. The vibrational influences of the flowers address physical, mental, spiritual and emotional imbalances beneath symptoms in a subtle yet powerful way.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a collection of 38 plant and flower-based remedies discovered in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach.  Each Bach remedy speaks to a specific negative emotion, so we can select and take one or more remedies to match our moods. They work to address everyday emotional imbalances and so help maintain our emotional and physical well-being. The good news is they can work in exactly the same way to help our animals get over their own emotional difficulties.

The correct Flower Essence can help your pet with –

  • Fears of thunder, strangers, fireworks
  • Excessive barking or hissing
  • Shock, trauma, mistreatment
  • Loss of companion/caregiver
  • Calm a nervous animal
  • Help them deal with surgical recovery
  • Allow them to be relaxed during travel
  • Obsessive cleanliness
  • Constant licking/itching of self
  • Possessive, territorial
  • High strung , tense
  • Assist when introducing a new pet to the family
  • And MORE!
Rescue® Remedy

Rescue® Remedy can be used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming a variety of emotional or behavioral problems.  Rescue® Remedy is a combination of five of the 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies and many people use it in times of stress or emotional upheaval. However, it can be of great benefit to animals whether they are traumatized, ill, about to visit the vet, or even if they just seem generally under the weather.   The unique formula contains Star of Bethlehem for shock or distress, Rock Rose for terror and panic, Cherry Plum for lack of self-control, Impatiens for agitation, and Clematis to counteract faintness and confusion.  Rescue Remedy has been used by thousands of pet owners for years using the traditional dropper bottle.

Reading Animal Behavior

Selecting remedies for animals may seem daunting at first as they can’t tell us exactly how they feel, but by observing and empathizing with them it is possible to read their behavior and identify their emotions. Animals use verbal communication to some extent, but non-verbal communication is usually the best guide to how they feel. In selecting remedies for your animals keep a close watch on their body language and behavior patterns and look for any changes according to the breed.  Look too for events and changes that might be putting your animal under stress. Is your dog frightened of children but otherwise OK? Did your cat only start spraying when you got a second cat? Careful observation will guide you to the cause of many common problems, and once you know the cause you can empathize with how the animal feels.


Flower Essences can be administered on a regular basis or as needed, either directly or placed in their drinking water.  Many people give remedies to animals in their watering bowls or food. The dosage here is two drops of each selected remedy (four of Rescue Remedy™) per bowl. For larger animals, such as horses, add five drops of each individual remedy and ten of Rescue Remedy™ to the water container.  Some animals don’t drink very often, and don’t take the remedies regularly enough to benefit. In this case it’s better to make up a treatment bottle. To do this add two drops of each individual remedy to a 30ml bottle of water. A dose is four drops from this bottle, and you should give at least four doses a day. The treatment bottle dosage is the same for small and large animals alike. If you are including Rescue Remedy™ in the treatment bottle add four drops instead of two to the treatment bottle. There are many ways to give treatment bottle doses, so pick the one that suits you:

  • Give doses directly into the mouth using a plastic dropper
  • Drip doses onto the nose so the animal can lick it off
  • Drip doses onto pads, paws


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