How I Can Help

Just who is this “Debi” person …

I’m a 25 year old stuck in a body that saw 50 a few years ago 🙂
I never decided what I wanted to be when I grew up and recently stopped trying.

Over the years I’ve pursued a lot of personal interests and taken more than enough college classes to earn my AA and then some.  I love learning and delving into new things.

I discovered I can use ALL of my interests and talents and it allows me to be pretty darn versatile as far as the kind of job I can tackle (and THAT can be really beneficial in today’s world).  I’m able to combine my farm upbringing and database management experience with social media and be the Marketing Coordinator for a group of feed stores … who would have thought all those things could “mesh” into ONE job?????

All of this “life experience” gives me a really broad background and provides me with a wide variety of resources to help you tackle the problems in your life that are throwing you off balance.  Give me a call and let me help you get things under control and find balance … maybe for the first time.  You can reach me at 352-209-0303.

Some of the services I offer:

Website Design & Maintenance: Business, Groups & Personal
Individual or Group Classes:  Computer Basics, Email, Facebook
Personal Development:  Goal clarification, self-esteem & more
Small Group & Community Presentations
Organizing – Home & Business
Office Design, Set Up & Administration
Social Media & Marketing for Small Business (specializing in service industries)