Session Length

The length of a massage session is determined by several factors with one of them being the size of the dog.  Larger dogs require a longer session than small dogs simply because there is more body to cover.  Short sessions are typically for small dogs and the longer session is for larger dogs.  The other factor is how well the animal tolerates the massage.   Animals accustomed to being handled by strangers typically allow me to work on them for a whole session.  Animals with little or no exposure to other people can sometimes be afraid or timid and have trouble remaining calm long enough to complete a full session.  Animals experiencing pain may not be able to remain comfortable for a whole session.  Although I have not personally been unable to provide a full massage, ethics dictate that I let you know of this possibility ahead of time.  Minimum session charges of $30 will apply to all individual sessions/appointments.

Session Costs

~ Regular Sessions ~
  • $30         20-30 minute session (small dogs, cats, rabbits, etc)
  • $60         50-60 minute session (medium to large dogs)
~Travel Fees — House ~ Barn ~ Kennel Calls
  • Add $10 for every 30 miles to the above fees

~ Pre- and Post-Event~
  • $10         15-20 minute session
  • This special pre- and post-event rate is only in effect when I am on site at an event.

~ Discounts ~
  • Discounts are available when scheduling more than one animal at a time for back-to-back sessions.
  • These discounts apply to sessions at my home, at your location, or at a 3rd party location such as your vet, trainer, or groomer.
  • Travel fees apply only to the visit and not for each individual animal.
  • Group discounts may be negotiated for meetings or other gatherings.


The frequency of a massage session will depend on the health of the animal and the goals for the massage.  Typically, older animals benefit from 1-2 maintenance massages a month.  More frequent massages are recommended if an animal is rehabilitating from an injury, working, in training, or performing.


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