Imagine that your body operates in the same way as a giant battery. Blood circulates continuously, creating kinetic energy that keeps your organs functioning and keeps you alive. Imagine the potential that your own body has to move energy around … and then connect it to actual, real science. Your body can convert food and water into warmth and power every single moment of every single day. Now think about other energies your body carries and what they expose you to. Suddenly the picture gets fuzzy and a little scary … and that’s where the Emotion Code comes into play.  It you get rid of the emotional baggage you pick up along life’s journey … the stuff you “think” you’ve processed and moved on from … but it’s still sitting in the cellular structure of the body … it’s trapped … and blocking energy.

The Emotion Code was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a Chiropractor with 16 years of experience. Over that time Dr. Nelson noticed most of his patients were suffering physically because of emotional problems in their life. For example: when you are worn out you slouch, placing unnecessary tension on back muscles that shouldn’t be tense; when you are stressed out you feel tightness in your shoulders or jaw; etc. Dr. Nelson applied these observational principles to his patients and discovered emotional stress does, indeed, take a toll on the body. In an effort to address the problem Dr Nelson developed a system of releasing this trapped emotional stress. It’s called The Emotion Code and it’s designed to make people live healthier, happier lives.  Emotion Code sessions can often address issues such as:

At its core the Emotion Code is a simple process to allow you to release your emotional baggage and start living a better life. At its heart, it seeks to address the various tensions, stresses and other components which contribute to suffering (physically, mentally or emotionally) on a day-to-day basis. The Emotion Code helps to rebalance your energies and minimize your exposure to toxic energies. This leaves you with a more developed sense of self and the ability to let go of all the things that have been holding you back in life!

As part of the session, I release the trapped emotion(s) which allows energy to flow through places where it’s been blocked and is quite possibly causing pain or illness in addition to hindering overall well-being (body, mind, spirit).  Want to know more about energy sessions, how they feel, or what to expect?  Head over to this page.

Clients have reported a reduction in migraines, lower levels of pain, increased vitality, relief from anxiety, and overall sense of peace and confidence.  As with many health modalities, a series of 4 sessions often provides significant change versus a single session.  The choice is always yours and there is never any pressure from me.

If you are in need of a little guidance, are desperate for help with your problems, or are in a state of endless distress … The Emotion Code could be for you. Likewise if you are in physical pain, The Emotion Code may release those trapped emotions which are causing your energy to be stuck and release the pain. Many people notice a positive change very quickly (some immediately). And a little positive change is all we need to start reaping the benefits across all areas of our lives! If you put out positivity, it comes back to you. Start now with The Emotion Code and watch your life change!

Sessions can be completed in-person or remote (if you’re not familiar with how remote sessions work, please see the video on this page).  When working working remotely (without interruption or distraction), I often am able to clear more than during one-on-one sessions.  As such, I prefer remote work and a shorter session length.  Session length is approximate … some are a bit longer and some a bit shorter.  It all depends on what your body and the angels tell me you can handle at the time.  I have seen folks offer 60 and 90 minute sessions.  It is my belief that the intensity of these longer sessions is stressful and the body doesn’t adjust well to the energy changes. Longer sessions often result in extreme flu-like symptoms due to the energy shift and detoxifying of the energy field and body systems which now have increased energy flowing through them.  I choose to provide shorter sessions which normally avoids this extreme.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not diagnose or prescribe and these readings should not be used as a substitute for consulting with licensed health care professionals. The readings and clearing work are simply to facilitate the flow of energy. These readings are NOT intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your health provider. The information that comes through in each session is for your personal use subject to your own discernment.

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